Book coming to Canada October 29th

My first book, SOS: What you can do to reduce climate change, is coming to Canada. It’s a concise introduction to what individuals can do about climate change, ranging from their diet, to how we can take part in collective action. Published with Penguin Random House, it’s based on my masters and PhD research.

I’ve tried to keep the writing accessible while still incorporating lots of scientific evidence. Here’s a little excerpt:

“…individual actions that reduce your carbon footprint are important, because they don’t occur in isolation. You probably don’t eat every meal alone, or go on vacation without posting photos, or buy a new vehicle without your neighbours noticing. And the science says that this matters:
• Homeowners are more likely to install solar panels when they see their neighbours leading the way [2]
• Cafeteria goers were twice as likely to select a meatless meal when they were told that more and more members of the public are limiting their meat consumption [3]
• Households decrease their energy use when told that their neighbours use less  energy than they do [4]
It’s a very human response to follow the crowd, and that can have positive
consequences if the crowd is shifting towards sustainable behaviours.”


Please note that the wording on the back cover in the first print, which was not my choice, has been corrected in the second run!

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